Ex-Owner of AC Milan Silvio Berlusconi has denied he did anything wrong when he sold AC Milan in 2017.

The sale of the club has come under scrutiny in recent days, with AC Milan being threatened with charges of fraud by Italian prosecutors because of a report that surfaced of Berlusconi's sale of the club.

Berlusconi sold his 99.93 per cent stake in the club to a Chinese-led consortium for a fee of €740m in April last year. It was the biggest ever investment from the Far East in a European club. 


But Berlusconi has denied any wrongdoing in the sale of AC Milan last year, insisting that the allegations are a 'journalistic invention'. According to Calciomercato, the former Italian Prime Minister said: "I limit myself to observing that there have always been denigration campaigns against me in delicate political moments. 

"This news about the sale of Milan, a pure journalistic invention without any judicial confirmation, is different from the others for only one reason: it has absolutely no credibility which shows that even the imagination of my adversaries has turned, as it is used to say, to fruit. 

"I do not have any capital abroad and therefore I do not have a problem, but, if I had it, I would be really out of my mind to make it as part of an operation such as the sale of Milan, on which all the world's spotlight has been focused. Only those who are really out of their mind can imagine such an absurd thing."

Current AC Milan owner Li Yonghong has also denied all accusations of suspected money laundering in his takeover of the club