By 90Min
January 19, 2018

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has spoken out in defence of Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger amid the rife criticism swirling around the Frenchman.

Fans have been calling for Wenger's head for a few seasons now, much to their disappointment as the club have so far refused to let him go.

Things have gotten much worse since the Gunners failed to finish in the top four last season, something Wenger had always been able to accomplish. And with the situation looking rather bleak again in this one - especially given that Arsenal are about to lose Alexis Sanchez - the pressure is really mounting.

Hodgson, though, insists he will always have the utmost respect for Wenger no matter what happens from here on out.

“I think there are managers like Arsene who deserve the utmost respect because of what he’s done in the game of football, not least here in England,” he said ahead of the Eagles' visit to the Emirates on Saturday, via BT Sport.

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“He’s a record-breaker in almost every category and basically the only person in my era who could really hold his hand up and say ‘this guy and I are in the same category’ is Alex Ferguson.

“He’s been criticised many times in the past but he could lose the next 50 games he ever plays and it certainly wouldn’t change one bit my respect for him as a manager, my respect for him as a person and in particular my respect for the job he’s done at Arsenal, which is something quite outstanding.

“It’s easy for me to empathise or say good things about a guy like Arsene Wenger because I can’t really understand what there is to say that is not good about him.”

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