By 90Min
January 22, 2018

The introduction of a video assistant referee (VAR) across a number of European competitions looks set to cause even more of a rift between football fans after FIFA executive Philippe Le Floc'h confirmed that the new technology will be used that the World Cup.

A video assistant referee has already been trialled in Germany, Italy, America and Australia this season, with most players and fans being against the technology in its current form after the introduction.

However, VAR has only just been used in England for the first time in recent weeks and most fans still largely remaining indifferent about its introduction.

One man who is against the technology is Antonio Conte and following Chelsea's FA Cup replay against Norwich - which the Blues won on penalties - the Italian manager slammed VAR after a "very clear" decision was missed.

"I think that we need to improve if we want to use this new system," Conte told Sky Sports after the match. "In this game there is a very clear situation with Willian. I think the situation was very clear and I watched and it's a penalty, very clear.

"The referee quickly took a decision to book Willian. It means you don't have doubt…if we want to improve this new system you have to wait to check with the person that is watching the game and then if this person is 100% sure, it's okay to book him for simulation."

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