By 90Min
January 22, 2018

Alexis Sanchez has been teasing Manchester United fans with social media posts hinting at his imminent move to the Red Devils. 

The Chilean international was recently spotted inside Old Trafford posing in his new number '7' kit for United. The former Arsenal star also posted a video of himself on Instagram boarding a private jet, signalling that he was on his way to Manchester to complete his medical. 

Manchester United fans also spotted something interesting about the song that was playing in the background of that Instagram video

As he is boarding his plane, Sanchez is playing 'No Easy Way Out' by Robert Tepper, a song on the Rocky IV soundtrack. 

Listen closely, and the lyrics on that song have some United fans thinking that Sanchez has conveyed a discreet message to his followers. 

The song goes: "I don't want to pacify you / I don't want to drag you down / But I'm feelin’ like a prisoner / Like a stranger in a no named town."

The song seems to suggest that Sanchez felt like a 'prisoner' at Arsenal. And as a sports fan, you can't get a film with a soundtrack more inspirational than the Rocky films. Sanchez looks to start a new challenge at Manchester United, and he certainly seems to be relishing in his new opportunity. 

Sanchez's official unveiling as a Manchester United player could happen any day now. His move to the Red Devils is part of a swap deal which will see Henrikh Mkhitaryan moving the other way to Arsenal. Sanchez's first game for United could be against Yeovil in the FA Cup.

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