Burnley star Jack Cork believes they must follow the example of the top teams if they are going end their winless period.

The Clarets have failed to win a single game since the middle of December, when they beat Stoke City 1-0 at home. Since then they have played eight times, drawing three and losing the other five.

They are currently eighth in the Premier League, level on points with Leicester City, which is a two-place drop from where they were after the Stoke win in December. In that period, they have also been knocked out of the FA Cup.

Cork is urging Burnley to look at the top teams to see how they get results from games that aren't going their way. According to Lancashire Telegraph, the 28-year-old said: "It's been a tough period for us. If you look at the games we've had Liverpool, Tottenham, United twice, Manchester City [in the FA Cup]. 

"There have been a lot of games against the big teams and every game we seem to be saying 'we were unlucky there'. That's what makes them as good as they are - they are the sort of teams that can get something when things aren't going too well.

"That's what we need to be doing - when things aren't going our way we need to nick a goal or do something to get us out of trouble."

Speaking about their last defeat against Manchester United, Cork revealed how frustrating the result was. He continued: "I never really felt that we were in any danger apart from on the counter at times.

"That was the most frustrating thing because we were quite comfortable, especially when we were pushing for one at the end. We were never in serious danger but that's what makes them the teams that they are. They can get a goal out of nothing."


Cork also insists that Burnley will get back to the form they had in the first part of the campaign. The England international continued: "We've got the right attitude and we're going the right way. We'll get back in the form of the first half of the season. 

"I thought we maybe could have got something [against Manchester United on Saturday), we perhaps deserved more, but that's football. In the next few games maybe we'll get something that we don't deserve or go away with something that we do deserve."

Burnley will next play away to Newcastle United in the Premier League next Wednesday.