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January 24, 2018

Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez has said that receiving support from the board of directors is vital to succeeding in a top managerial position.

In an interview with France Football, in which he discussed his time at Real Madrid, Benitez spoke about his relationship with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

"Your job at a top club depends on the people above you," he is quoted as saying by Marca.

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"If the directors support the coach, it is easy. If the directors support the players, then you have a big problem.

"If the players know the coach is supported by the board then instructions are followed without complaints. When they do not feel that there is this support, the coach is weakened."

These comments may bring back painful memories of Benitez's tenure for Real Madrid supporters. Despite having public support from Perez, Benitez had well-publicised spats with Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo during his six-month stay at the Bernabeu.


However, the Spanish manager implied that his comments should not be taken as an indirect insult to the Los Blancos president: "The problem with talking about Real Madrid is that my comments can be taken out of context, leading to pointless controversies," Benitez said.

"All I can say about that is that, at all clubs I have been at, I left behind well coached teams."

There are fresh signs that Benitez's relationship with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley is strengthening, as a local journalist reported last week that the duo had held positive talks.

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