By 90Min
January 25, 2018

Italy's ability to broadcast its own top flight matches have been thrown into disarray over the amount of cash being stumped up by broadcasting companies.

A source close to news publication Reuters has suggested that the Italian Football Association has halted bidding on renewing its TV rights deal with the biggest companies in its homeland for the three-year period between 2018 and 2021.

Bids for a variety of packages based on Serie A matches - both live and highlights - have only reached €800m, which is €200m short of the threshold for an auction to occur.

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That has led to the Italian FA from pressing on with said auction, and leaves it facing massive losses over TV revenue which can then be distributed to its own clubs to bring in the best stars they possibly can.

Private talks to give away certain packages for the right prices are now being considered, according to a source close to the deal, in an attempt to thrash out a compromise on the issue.

Italian private broadcaster Mediaset had walked away from the initial  auction over concerns about the fees they were having to pay, and the offers put forward by their fellow broadcasters did not meet the requirements necessary to force a deal over the line.

It is unclear how long this issue will play out but, with the 2018/19 campaign on six months away, a deal will need to be agreed upon in the very near future.

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