It doesn't matter where you go, from the Far East to a remote African country, you're bound to see a Manchester United shirt at least somewhere. Although the Red Devils have struggled since the Sir Alex Ferguson era, Manchester United have retained their immense popularity around the globe. 


A report from Sky Sports has stated that Manchester United are still considered to be the most popular club online in China by winning the Red Card award. The Red Devils boast the highest percentage of fans from this nation which undoubtedly effects their level of popularity. 

Manchester United have been very successful at advertising the club and developing the clubs brand. The Red Devils made their first trip to the Far East in 1975 and visited China as recently as 2016. Furthermore, Manchester United are one of the most popular football clubs on Twitter with 17 million followers. 

In addition to this, out of the five most popular players within China, four of them currently play or have played for the Red Devils. These include Anthony Martial, Paul Pogba, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo - the last spot is typically taken up by Lionel Messi. 

Manchester United's chief executive of media, Phil Lynch, had this to say regarding the club's online popularity: "With over 107 million followers, China is one of Manchester United's most important markets and we have a long history of innovation and fan engagement in the region."

The Red Devils have won the Red Card award for the second year in a row, with Real Madrid sitting just behind them in second. However, the Red Devils will hope to improve their performances on the pitch as they will be chasing down Manchester City for the Premier League title.