By 90Min
February 01, 2018

Journalists have made a startling discovery about the possibility of Manchester City winning the Premier League title after the upcoming Manchester derby on the 7th of April.

By using the average points totals that both clubs have accrued at this point in the season, and assuming they maintain such a rate of points, Journalist Nick Harris of Sporting Intelligence, has estimated that Man City could win the title on the back of the Derby at the Etihad in April.

Harris made the revelation when responding to a tweet from fellow Journalist Richard Jolly, who had previously revealed that on the basis of United's current record, City only need to collect 14 more points from their remaining 13 games to be crowned champions. 

While this is all admittedly circumstantial, and therefore largely conjecture, it is undoubtedly a worrying/appetising thought, depending on your blue or red allegiances.

Despite their nominal placings in first and second, the two have been almost worlds apart in terms of performance levels and praise.

OLI SCARFF/GettyImages

The difference between the sides, and indeed between City and the rest of the league, has been palpable all season, but was perhaps epitomised during Wednesday night's round of fixtures.

While the Citizens cruised to a never in doubt 3-0 victory at home against West Bromwich Albion, title 'rivals' United and Chelsea both fell to crushing 2-0 and 0-3 defeats to Tottenham and (more acrimoniously) Bournemouth, respectively.

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