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February 01, 2018

Stoke City were left frustrated on Wednesday night as Watford's apparent time wasting tactics left the ball in play for under 45 minutes, a new Premier League record for this season.

The goalless draw left a lot to be desired as both sides struggled to break the deadlock, but according to the Stoke Sentinel, the Hornets are renowned for this type of play.

Watford have a reputation for having the longest games this season at 97 minutes and 53 seconds on average, but they also have the lowest ratio of the ball being in play during that time at just 54.8 per cent.

This doesn't quite add up but they managed to surpass themselves at the Bet 365 Stadium.

During the 0-0 draw, the ball was actually in play for a measly 42 minutes - just 43.3 per cent of the 96 minutes and 41 seconds played, the lowest in the Premier League so far this season in both regards.

The local newspaper claims that "almost every visiting player called for the physio during the match while Orestis Karnezis idled over goal-kicks and no one was in a rush to take a throw or set piece while referee Jon Moss literally shrugged his shoulders".

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The previous worst score in the top flight for any game this term was Huddersfield’s 0-0 draw with Burnley in December at 46 minutes and two seconds.

Barring that game, Watford now fill the remaining four spaces of the top five for ratio of lack of ball in play with the away trip to Everton and the home games against Leicester and Huddersfield making up the list.

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