By 90Min
February 07, 2018

Former Liverpool man El Hadji Diouf is considering turning to politics after his retirement, with a particular eye on becoming the President of Senegal.

The 36-year-old wants to follow in the footsteps of former AC Milan player George Weah, who earlier this year became the president of Liberia.

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Speaking to FourFourTwo, Diouf said: "I am looking after myself and my family.

"For many years I used to think about football but I have a new career and it is a political career.

"I have taken the decision to do politics because I have people waiting for me to change things in my country and I'm ready to do that because I want to be the soldier of the youngsters.

"My future is defined. In the next two years I'll be joining politics, because I know from that point I can change a lot in football.

"I have a lot of passion for politics, and I have people in Senegal who are mentoring me. That is the future for me, because a lot of Senegalese people are able to listen to me.

"I took high-level coaching courses, but decided not to continue since I have better plans for things I want to do."

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Having once been described as a ‘sewer rat’ by former manager Neil Warnock, a career in politics would definitely be a bolt from the blue for the former Premier League star.

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