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February 09, 2018

Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has responded to claims he has condoned diving, by suggesting football is about trickery and creativity, but not cheating.

The Argentine came in for criticism in the wake of comments made after Dele Alli was booked for simulation at Liverpool last weekend, with the Spurs boss saying at the time that diving was "a minimal issue."

He has clarified his comments though ahead of this weekend's north London derby against Arsenal, and as reported by Sky Sports, reminded journalists that he too had fallen victim of diving with Argentina at the World Cup, as well as suggesting that he was previously misinterpreted.

"I am honest, always," said the Spurs boss. "And I gave you what I think, I feel. In 2002 my vision about English football - you laugh, because you know what I will say - I didn't touch Michael Owen [at the World Cup] and he dived.

"Today we are so sensitive about details and sometimes it is difficult for me, because when you are honest and you try to explain the things - and my language is not English - it is hard to be right in my words."

Pochettino would then reaffirm his belief that football is about tricking your opponent using guile and creativity, not cheating.


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"I don't like it when people twist my words, always my intention is to keep the sense of football That is why I said a few days ago that I love football, because football for me means to be creative.

"Don't feel the limits to try to - not cheat - but trick the opponent in a good way. That is how I feel about football. I am not going to change, that is my opinion."

The Spurs boss will be hoping his side can strengthen their grip on a place in the top four with victory over Arsenal at Wembley in Saturday's lunchtime kick off.

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