Pundit Jamie Carragher has sent Liverpool duo Jurgen Klopp and Virgil Van Dijk a proposal to join him at Rotunda Boxing Club, following the drama surrounding the ex-Liverpool man's comments about Van Dijk's size.

It all began a few weeks back when Carragher suggested that Van Dijk might be carrying a bit of extra timber, having missed Southampton's pre-season.

When asked, both Klopp and Van Dijk responded to the criticism by turning the accusation back at Carragher himself, and now the ex-Liverpool man has upped the stakes to prove he's still in shape.

Carragher has been training in the Rotunda Boxing Club in Kirkdale in order to keep his fitness up following his retirement, and the pundit jokingly sent an invitation to both Klopp and Van Dijk claiming that the duo need to get down to the boxing club.

“I've never looked better. I'm in better shape now than when I was playing. Tell Jurgen to get down the Rotunda!" Carragher joked to the Liverpool Echo.

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“Tell Virgil to get himself down the Rotunda too. We'll get him on the pads! What a sight that would be!"

Since becoming a pundit Carragher has really shone in both the world of sports media and social media. His tongue in cheek debates with fellow pundit Gary Neville are always great value, but he may have met his match in the towering Van Dijk.