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February 12, 2018

Former Real Madrid and Everton midfielder Royston Drenthe has revealed the reasoning behind his sudden retirement from football to pursue a career in hip-hop.

The Dutch international called it quits at the age of 29, choosing to retire from the game after becoming frustrated with the nomadic lifestyle associated with professional football.

In an interview with Sun Sport, Drenthe discussed in detail the motives behind his decision to walk away, before revealing his childhood love of rap music.

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"The situation was repeating and repeating. No matter which country I was, which city, it didn't change. I was like 'I'm leaving, I don't want your money no more, I'm going. Then it would happen again. So after, I was just like 'f*** it.'

"[As kids] we were always rapping on the streets. It got serious when I was 18. I was always chilling [with rappers] and they taught me how to write lyrics.

"U-Niq, a big rapper in Holland, taught me to write lyrics by myself."

The Dutchman now goes under the name 'Roya2Faces', releasing his first song Paranoia in February last year.

The former winger went on to reveal that during his playing career, music played a big influence in getting him motivated and focused on the job at hand.

"Music is a part of my life... when I'm in a car and there is 10 or 15 minutes with no music I always start to think 'what is missing. Before a game I had to listen to something, it was very important for me.

"Without music it was difficult to go [and play]."

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Prior to his retirement from the game in 2016, Drenthe's career became somewhat of a worldwide adventure, with the Dutchman appearing for Hercules, ReadingSheffield Wednesday and Russian club, Spartak Vladikavkaz as his once promising career began to wind down.

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