Sevilla are reportedly preparing to report Manchester United to UEFA, following on from the recent ticketing problems that the two teams have been quarrelling over ahead of their Champions League tie this month.

News emerged after the Champions League Round of 32 draw that  Sevilla would be charging United fans £89 per ticket in order to go all the way to Spain and watch the game live - after only charging Liverpool fans £54 for their group game in November.

Understandably, the Red Devils have taken action; subsidising their travelling fans' tickets, as well as rising the ticket prices being paid by Sevilla fans for the return leg in order to cover the cost.

And now, according to Independent.IE, Sevilla are ready to take action by reporting United to UEFA for their alteration. It's also understood that the Premier League club are refusing to allocate at least 5% of Old Trafford seats (which is regulation in the Champions League) due to security risks. Sevilla will also be complaining about this.


A statement on the Sevilla website reads:

"Sevilla FC will subsidise the price increase for club members travelling to Manchester. With this subsidy, the club will guarantee that no club members pay more than the 60 Euros (£53.15) initially specified.

"Sevilla will be in contact with UEFA over both Manchester United's failure to make five per cent of tickets available to away fans, as well as the club's price increase after a formal application for an away allocation.

"Sevilla will also look to guarantee that no Sevillista pays a penny more than any Manchester United fan for similar tickets - as competition regulations dictate."

Nothing quite like a bit of background drama to make these matches that little bit more enticing.