As a man who knows very well what Daniel Sturridge is going through, former England striker Michael Owen has said that the West Brom forward may never be the same player again after picking up yet another injury.

The 28-year-old limped off the field against Chelsea on Monday night, after only three minutes with a suspected hamstring injury. The Baggies are now anxiously waiting to hear if he’ll ever play for them again or be sent back for treatment with doctors at his parent club Liverpool.


West Brom boss Alan Pardew is hopeful that the injury is only a minor one, with the early thoughts being that there had not been any kind of a tear in his hamstring muscle.

And former England and Liverpool forward Michael Owen knows exactly what an injury list like that can do to a player.

He was plagued by hamstring injuries throughout his playing career and has given his thoughts on Daniel Sturridge’s situation on Twitter.

"Not nice seeing @DanielSturridge limp off last night. I've felt his exact paid when your body lets you down. Unfortunately it meant a total change of style for the remainder of my career. from playing freely to a confined penalty box predator," he wrote.

Owen, whose most infamous injury was when he ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament during the 2006 World Cup after being rushed back from another previous injury.

Whilst Owen still had a fairly lengthy career lasting 17 years, his success rate as a striker definitely waned once the injuries became more severe and frequent. 

Whilst Sturridge hasn't completely lost his touch, it is likely that Owen's predictions will come true as managers decide to deploy him in different ways.