It seems that as from now on - for the next three years - the never ending money train that is the Premier League will be a little less affluent than it has in the last few seasons, following Tuesday's sale of TV rights for the English top flight; meaning Premier League clubs are set to miss out on millions of pounds.

In the grand scheme of things, it isn't really that much money that individual clubs will lose; while TV rights create a huge source of income for each top flight team, the recent losses aren't exactly going to bankrupt anyone.

Let's get some figures involved, shall we?

So, let's start simple - the Premier League have seven packages in total to sell, and Tuesday saw five of them auctioned off. These are the five big ones. Sky Sports - the self proclaimed home of Premier League football - bought four, with the fifth going to BT Sport.

In the last set of auctions (three years ago), all seven packages were sold for a combined total of £5.1bn - which, at the time, was an incredible 70% increase, and many were probably expecting something similar to happen this time around; what with capitalism and all that.


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However, that hasn't been the case, and so far only £4.46bn has been accumulated from the five packages being sold, according to Daily Mail. A bit of mental maths states that in order for the rights deal to hit the same amount as it did last time, the remaining two packages need to cost £640m.

This, of course, is unexpected, with the two remaining packages considered to be 'minor' deals that include the midweek games. These package will eventually sell and while no one is sure of how much they'll go for, half a billion isn't too much money lost in the grand scheme of it all.

 £500m over three years between 20 teams each year. It doesn't take a maths wiz to figure that it won't have too much of an effect. But still; PREMIER LEAGUE TEAMS ARE SET TO MISS OUT ON MILLIONS OVER NEW TV RIGHTS DEAL, and all that.