By 90Min
February 22, 2018

It's probably the burning question you've been wanting to know the answer to for ages, but just who has the biggest feet in the footballing world?

Frankly, it's a slow news day now that all the Champions League reaction has been covered for the day but who knows, this could still make for an interesting read.

Catherine Ivill/GettyImages

To be fair, we watch footballers scoring goals and hitting Hollywood passes week in week out, but we never really consider the feet behind the stars... is the weirdest sentence I've written today.

As reported by the Sun - who else? - the man with the biggest shoe size in the Premier League is currently Manchester United's Romelu Lukaku with size 13.5s, which is perhaps unsurprising.

Gareth Copley/GettyImages

Standing at 6ft 3in tall, there is a lot to the Belgian striker and despite there being taller players in the division, he apparently has the biggest of the lot. Feet. The biggest FEET.

They have produced 20 goals for him so far this term, which is not a bad return with around three months of the season still left to play. 

He's definitely the man when it comes to the biggest feet in the league...of players that are still playing, that is.

Ben Radford/GettyImages

If you thought those were whoppers, former Arsenal striker Nwankwo Kanu used to wear size 15 boots - the biggest size the Premier League has ever seen. 

The lanky Nigerian stood at close to 6ft 5in tall, but was deceptively skilful for his height and his massive clogs didn't appear to hinder his ball control too much at all back in the day.

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