Jose Mourinho Challenges Paul Pogba to Earn His Trust

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has challenged record signing Paul Pogba to "earn his trust" after a public fallout which has seen the Frenchman lose his place in the team.
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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has challenged record signing Paul Pogba to "earn his trust" after a public fallout which has seen the Frenchman lose his place in the team.

When Pogba missed out on United's FA Cup tie against Huddersfield last Saturday through illness, it was expected that the French midfielder would return to first team when United took on Sevilla in a Champions League tie the following Wednesday. Pogba, however, was unexpectedly dropped to the bench in Seville.

Speaking to the press on Friday though, via the Telegraph, Mourinho went on to praise the way Pogba had reacted to his exile from the team and discussed why his players need to earn his trust at Old Trafford.

He said: "I think, I don't give trust for free. I think [it] is the other way around. I don't think it’s about the manager to trust the player, is the player to make the manager trust him, is as simple as that. Sometimes, it looks like we have to give everything to the players, and they give nothing back to us, I don't think that way."

When Ander Herrera suffered an injury just 17 minutes into United's tie with Sevilla, Pogba was called from the bench to try and provide some spark when going forward. Mourinho again complimented the role Pogba played in the goalless draw.

He added: "I think he had a very positive game for us and some details are details. Some players take five minutes to be ready to play, they don't have shin pads, strapping, the shirt, he took 10 seconds to be ready to come to the pitch, to show the professionalism and show he was ready to help the team.

“He responded very well, in a professional way both times [he has been dropped]. He was on the bench against Huddersfield in the Premier League and he responded in a professional way and he was on the bench in Seville and did the same.”

The Red Devils host Mourinho's former side Chelsea this weekend, and it's expected Pogba will secure a place in the starting eleven.