World Cup Fans Will Be Allowed to Have Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin in Stadiums—With a Prescription

Fans at the World Cup can bring narcotics into stadiums if they fill out all the necessary paperwork. 
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Fans attending the World Cup in Russia this summer will be allowed to bring narcotics into stadiums, but there’s a catch. Actually, make that a few catches. 

Russia the leader of the Eurasian Economic Union, which has provisions allowing people traveling to its member states to bring certain banned substances. Travelers are allowed to declare drugs at customs if they have a doctor’s note written in Russian. 

Marijuana, cocaine and heroin are among the hundreds of drugs and precursors on the list of substances travelers can declare. 

If fans are able to get their drugs into Russia, FIFA rules permit them to bring them into stadiums. FIFA allows fans to bring narcotics and psychotropics into stadiums if they have a prescription (in English or Russian) and the drugs are in their original packaging.

“Security officers will monitor the enforcement of rules for carrying prescription drugs to stadium grounds at checkpoints,” Russia’s World Cup organizing committee said in a statement to The Moscow Times

It appears, however, that fans will not be allowed to use the drugs in stadiums. FIFA’s stadium regulations instruct stewards to remove fans who “present a risk due to consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.”