He took the ball from a guy who was injured!

By Dan Gartland
March 05, 2018

There’s an unwritten rule in soccer that says players shouldn’t take advantage of an opposing player’s injury. If a guy is hurt, you kick the ball over the touch line to stop play and let the injured player receive treatment. At least, that’s what you do if you’re a good sport—but not, apparently, if you play for Arsenal Tula in the Russian Premier League. 

Tula was playing Akhmat Grozny on Sunday when Akhmat’s Oleg Ivanov pulled up with an injury in the 91st minute. Tula’s Kirill Kombarov came in and took the ball away from the injured player. He then played a cross into the box, where Goran Causic was able to score the game-winning goal. 

That’s not cool, man, especially in stoppage time. 

With the win, Tula moved ahead of Akhmat for seventh place in the league. 

[via L’Equipe]

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