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March 05, 2018

Liverpool midfielder Jordan has faced off against personal trainer, and Maximuscle athlete Bradley Simmonds in a set of challenges that well and truly put their sporting ability to the test - as well as their abilities to make a protein shake whilst blindfolded...which is obviously essential to success.

While Henderson is at this point a household name, standing as an England international and Liverpool captain; but Simmonds is less well known. But the midfielder's adversary during these set of contests is hardly easy pickings. H

aving been forced into early retirement from football, the 24-year-old trains that likes of Theo Walcott, John Terry, Brendan Rodgers and Jamie Redknapp - so he knows his stuff.

As is visible in the video, the five challenges put both participants' skill, composure and determination to the test. These five challenges came in the form of crossbar challenge, followed by rugby ball keepie-ups, blindfolded penalties, and was eventually ended with a protein bar eating challenge and the blindfolded protein shake challenge.

While Simmonds does boast great athletic ability, it was a rather resounding win for the Liverpool star. Rolling to a comfortable 4-1 victory, Henderson appeared to take his foot off the gas a little in the final challenge - having won all of the previous battles.

Image by Ben Davies

However, there have been calls of cheating in the final, and highly tasking final challenge. With Simmonds ending up with half of his protein shake down his top, questions arise as to whether he should've been allowed the consolation point.

Either way, Henderson came out the worthy winner.

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