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March 07, 2018

A 'surprised and angry' Julian Draxler has criticised the tactical decisions of Paris Saint-Germain manager Unai Emery, following their Champions League exit at the hands of Real Madrid on Tuesday night.

The 24-year-old German winger told ZDF (via Goal) that 'it was insensitive' of Emery not to bring him on after Edinson Cavani equalised for PSG in the second

"I didn't know what was going on. I was surprised and angry," he said.

Draxler also criticised Emery's tactical decisions, implying that his side were too conservative in their approach to the game.

"The goal for 1-1 went in but it did not change anything for us. I felt we needed to keep pressing and playing offensively.

"We lost a man, and even though we got it to 1-1 the whole stadium knew the game would not turn around because we didn't have the intensity on the pitch. Real Madrid played it out confidently and were not nervous at all."

He strongly claimed that PSG 'deserved to be eliminated' for their negative and reserved style of play - the wrong approach, in Draxler's opinion.

"We played the ball back and forth but you cannot score just doing that," Draxler said.

"You have to put pressure on Real Madrid when you are 3-1 down, not just pass it back and forth and hope something falls for you.

"We needed to put pressure on the opponents right from the start. We didn't do that so we deserved to be eliminated."


Draxler thinks 'there is still something missing' from Paris Saint-Germain's side, which is stopped them from progressing to win the Champions League.

"In the summer we spent €400m and everyone was talking about how it was going to change things, but we have failed to get through this round again.

"I am still convinced this team has a lot to give, but you can see in games like this that there is still something missing if we want to win the big trophy.

"That should make us think again."

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