By 90Min
March 07, 2018

Ex-Arsenal forward Sanchez Watt was briefly sent off last night, after telling the referee his name. 

Currently playing on loan at National League South side Hemel Hempstead, Watt was responding to the referee asking for his name. The official misheard Watt, and believed he was replying to him with 'what', which he mistook as dissent. 

Match reporter Allan Mitchell, via, explained the incident: "As we saw it, Watt was going to get a yellow card for complaining that a goal kick given to East Thurrock should have been a corner. We felt this was harsh at the time but it all went a little bit strange after this.

“The referee kept asking Hershel for his name, to which he replied ‘Watt’. The conversation then continued along the lines of: ‘Name?’, ‘Watt’, ‘NAME?’ ‘Watt’, etc.

“After a few seconds, the frustrated official clearly felt the mick was being taken and produced a red card. At this point, Hemel skipper Jordan Parkes joined the conversation and, with the player, explained that his name was indeed Watt and no mickey was being taken.

“The referee, to his credit then realised the error, saw the funny side and reversed his decision. He then trotted over to our bench and to East Thurrock’s to explain.”

Despite this disruption, Hemel went on to win the game 2-0, taking them up to fifth in the league table. 

Watt took to Twitter after the match and made fun of the encounter by tweeting a video of rapper Birdman. The rapper says in the video: “Stop playing with my name, I ain’t gonna say it no more.”

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