By 90Min
March 12, 2018

Gary Neville has moved to defend his colleague Jamie Carragher after watching his apology interview on Sky. 

The former Liverpool defender has become embroiled in controversy after spitting at a 14-year-old from his car on Saturday, and has subsequently been suspended by Sky as a result.

Neville, who has worked with Carragher for three years since their retirement from playing football, has admitted that while he has made a massive mistake, he doesn't think the 40-year-old should be fired permanently from Sky for his actions.

The ex-Man Utd wrote on Twitter: “I’ve just watched Carra23 say sorry. No excuses he’s made a big mistake.

"He’s massively passionate about football and he’s overstepped the mark and shouldn’t have reacted.

"I’ve been on TV for 3 years with him and imo this isolated incident shouldn’t stop us working together."

Carragher himself has attempted to give an explanation behind what went on, admitting that the red mist descended, and he can't defend his own actions.

“It’s just that moment of madness for four or five seconds,” he said, via Daily Star“No matter the circumstances, you can’t ever behave like that. You can’t obviously condone that behaviour no matter what. In any way shape or form, where you are, who you represent.

"I’ve let Sky Sports down, my family and the family involved. I called the family and they were upset.

"The biggest regret, certainly, is for the 14-year-old girl to be caught in the middle of this, and my altercation with the father.

"It’s my biggest devastation that a young 14-year-old has become embroiled in this. I’ve got a daughter the same’s difficult to find the words for the way I’d react.

"It is my biggest regret of course, but all I can do right now is apologise. I can’t go back. Hopefully they accept that. I’d like to apologise once more to them all."

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