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The Premier League will look into the possibility of a “VAR-lite” system in which referees would not be required to view replays via pitchside monitors, but rely solely on a video official, according to the Times.

This variation has been proposed as a method to lessen game delays brought about by the use of VAR. 

The technology is already being utilised in English cup matches, but won't be rolled out in the top flight until the 2019/20 season to allow more time for trial. However, implementing the change would need the International FA Board (Ifab) to alter the protocol that was agreed earlier this month, with it already becoming part of football's laws.

Ifab technical director David Elleray has told the Times that the Premier League's proposed system would not be possible under the current laws.

“A country will not be able to get approval from Ifab and Fifa if they say they won’t use a particular element of VAR — on-field reviews are part of the laws of the game now," he said. 

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"We want to protect against a situation where you have one country saying they will only use it for offsides and another country for reviewing penalty decisions.


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“In Germany they took the view at first there shouldn’t be on-the-field reviews, and now if you tried to get rid of them there would be fierce resistance. 

“In terms of the time, you are talking about 30 extra seconds for on-field reviews, and it only happens about once every three matches.”