Italian footballer Davide Lovinella has switched his Jomas for johnnies in a rather unexpected career change. The Serie D star has decided that the lower leagues of Italy offer too small a payday, and has left the sport to become an adult movie star.

He was turning out for ASD Calcio when opting to apply for a role in one of Rocco Sifredi's upcoming movies. Looking for a bit of extra cash, Lovinella's successful audition saw him become one of 3,000 people to work with Siffredi in the business.

According to French news outlet L'Equipe, he's now headed off to Budapest in order to join Siffredi's Academy, and has taken up the stage name of Davide Montana.

"It's not like being in bed with your partner, so you have to work hard and be stable," Lovinella said, reflecting on his career change.

While he may have left football behind him for now, Lovinella hasn't fully given up on football.

"The ideal would be to find a club in Hungary."

The 24-year-old's new career path gives a whole new meaning to the term money 'shot', let's just hope for his sake that he can perform better in front of the cameras than in his old profession - Serie D doesn't offer up the most impressive footballers.