Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli has insisted his teammates are 'like family', when reflecting on Spurs' season. With 14 goals and 17 assists in all competitions last term, Alli's individual performance over the season was no doubt strong, but as a team Spurs admit they underperformed. However, Alli is confident the Lilywhites can improve.

With manager Mauricio Pochettino already signing a contract, the England international is one of five more set to follow in the Argentine's path over the course of the summer - putting to rest any speculation surrounding Alli's future.

And the player himself is showing no signs of wanting to leave the club, and is focused on getting better both as a player, and as a team.

“I think we’ve showed our mentality and togetherness, with the fans as well,” Dele told the club's official website. “It’s been a difficult season at times but we’ve showed we’re a top team, we’re improving and we’re going to continue improving.”


 “That’s why the team is doing so well, players want to improve together and individually, we all want to improve as well and become better people on and off the pitch.

“Everyone is working hard every day to get the best out of each other and the best out of themselves. Everyone gets on so well. There is a great mixture of ages, it’s great.

“It’s very important and that shows in games as well, when you go into difficult places and your team mates...when they are like family you know you can put all your trust in them and you don’t want to let them down.”