Robert Lewandowski shocked the football world on Wednesday as his agent revealed the Poland striker had requested a transfer from reigning Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.

Naturally, the news that the Bavarian's top goalscorer wanted to depart the club took many by surprise, but it was the reaction, or lack thereof, from Die Bayern that surprised many.


After the news broke regarding Lewandowski's desire to leave the club, many were hoping Bayern's chiefs would be capable of handling the situation in a reassuring manner. However, as SportBILD journalist Christian Falk revealed, the Bundesliga outfit had very little to say on the matter.

Taking on Twitter, Falk revealed Bayern's official reaction to the news that Lewandowski wanted a move away from the German super club

Many were surprised to see that Bayern's official reaction to the news their top scorer desired a move away from the club simply read: "no comment."

Such a minimal reaction to what many will consider to major news is surprising to say the least, and could well suggest the reason behind Lewandowski's desire for a move could be a break down in the relationship between the player and the club hierarchy.