Former Swansea manager Bob Bradley has offered his two cents on the club's current situation, urging the South Wales outfit to rebuild and make an immediate return to the Premier League. But whatever happens, the 60-year-old insists that the Swans have to re-establish their identity.

Times are changing for Swansea. With Graham Potter's appointment more a case of 'when' rather than 'if', the club are filled with optimism as the idea of the 'Swansea Way' teasing a long awaited comeback.


One man who was part of what could be considered the destruction of the club's old identity is Bob Bradley. Unfairly treated during his time in the Premier League, he only lasted 11 games before getting the sack. But now managing LAFC, Bradley admits that he himself attempted to bring back the club's philosophy.

"Hopefully they can fight like any club that goes down and find a way back into the Premier League," he told Wales Online.

“I feel it is an opportunity to re-establish the football way. I was there for 11 games and I tried like hell to get that team to play football every match.

“I didn’t take enough points. I understand that and you move on.


Potter's arrival is expected very soon, but Bradley has warned any incoming manager: the fans expect a lot.

“Whoever Swansea choose there has to be an understanding of what kind of team the supporters have to stand behind, the football they want to see every week, and I wish them all the best.”

“When you talk about the ‘Swansea Way’ and you talk about the football, it’s got to show itself week in, week out and you don’t want to be in the position every year where it’s just about survival.

“I believe you’ve got to try and play football, no matter the league or the situation.”