Watch: Russian Company’s Novelty World Cup Water Bottle Sets Things on Fire

This soccer ball-shaped water bottle causes spontaneous combustion. 
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Russian soccer fans beware: that fun World Cup-themed water bottle you bought might burn your house down. 

The Russian water company Holy Spring is selling soccer ball-shaped bottles as the country gets ready to host the World Cup. They look pretty cool but they have a fatal design flaw. Under the right conditions, when exposed to sunlight, the bottle works as a magnifying glass and can start fires. 

The website Fontanka got a tip from someone who said they put the bottle on the floor of their office and later noticed the floor beginning to smoke. So Fontanka set out to see if the combustion could be replicated. 

The explanation is pretty basic. The spherical bottle functions as a lens that focuses the sun’s rays on a small point, much like how a sadistic child might use a magnifying glass to burn ants.

The company told Fontanka that the bottle conforms to safety specifications and includes a warning to store in a dark area.