What the Fek? Mixed Reports Cause Confusion Over Liverpool's Move for Highly Rated Attacker - Sports Illustrated

Liverpool's move for Lyon forward Nabil Fekir is entangled in confusion right now, with mixed reports emerging over how far along the deal is. 

While some have claimed that a deal is essentially done between the two clubs, others reckon a formal bid is yet to even be lodged.

The signing of Fabinho on Monday evening went about as under the radar as any deal could go in 2018, but Fekir's has absolutely no chance of that happening. With a Liverpool bid reported weeks ago, there appears to have been no movement on the saga other than the Merseyside outfit's intention to get a deal wrapped up before the World Cup.

That was, until Mootaz Chehade, journalist for VAVEL, announced on his personal Twitter account that the two clubs had agreed on a fee, and that Fekir's move to Anfield will be officially confirmed in the next few days.

Of course, Liverpool fans got a bit excited on Twitter, and understandably so...

However, all is not so straight forward as Liverpool fans would like it to be.

The problem with people 'in the know' is that nothing is ever confirmed - it's essentially hearsay. Different journalists hear different things and it can all become a bit confusing, so when David Maddock for the Mirror claimed that the Reds are yet to even submit a bid, it all became a bit hectic.

This means that we don't really know what's going on, and as much as we all might like to believe one person's word over another, we can't.

Expect this to go on for a while. The only thing that everyone is in agreement with is that Liverpool want this deal done before the World Cup kicks off, so it won't take too long (hopefully).