Antoine Griezmann Reveals He's Staying at Atletico Madrid in 'Decision' TV Special

Antoine Griezmann made like LeBron James and revealed his club future on a Spanish TV program called "The Decision."
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Antoine Griezmann finally made the decision on his club future–he will stay at Atletico Madrid instead of transferring to Barcelona–in a Spanish television special Thursday called "The Decision."  

The 27-year-old Frenchman had said he would let everyone know ahead of France's World Cup opener where he'll be playing on the club level next season.

Following the news, he tweeted "My fans, my home, my team."

The decision was completed to the soundtrack of Drake's "God's Plan" in the background. 

The show was reminiscent of highly scrutinized LeBron James's 2010 decision. Eight years ago, James announced he was signing with the Miami Heat over the Cleveland Cavaliers in a television special called "The Decision" on ESPN.

This special was filled with clips of Griezmann contemplating his move. 

He was at his home and his parents home while debating the decision. 

Earlier Thursday, Griezmann teased the decision with a clip promoting the special.

"You're fed up with all the talk — am I going, am I staying, how much they will pay me, how much they won't pay me," Griezmann said in the trailer. "But the truth is what I am going to say now..."

Griezmann called a press conference Tuesday, which many thought would be the end of his months-long decision. But all he said was that his mind was made up, and that he is O.K. with the public speculating what his choice is.