Argentina, runners up in the World Cup just four years ago, had a night to forget on Thursday as they were thrashed 3-0 in their Group D clash against Croatia.

An absolute howler from goalkeeper Willy Caballero started the scoring, with defensive errors responsible for the following goals, leaving Argentina in a difficult position.


Arguably, no one felt worse than Lionel Messi, who found himself stranded throughout the game and naturally frustrated at the poor performances of both himself and his fellow team-mates. 

The usually calm and controlled Messi has a shocker throughout the game, and took out his frustration on Croatian player Ivan Strinic, after a collision between the two players.

Messi appears to throw the player's leg to one side in anger and storm off across the pitch, leaving fans of the World Cup shocked and appalled at the Argentine.

Messi was not punished for the altercation with Strinic, however fans have made up their own minds about whether or not he was in the right. 

Much of Messi's frustration may come from the fact that this may well be his last opportunity to win a World Cup, an accolade which would confirm his status as one of the greatest players to ever play football.

Unfortunately for him, Argentina face being eliminated from the World Cup after their devastating loss against Croatia, and have so far only managed to gain one point in two games after only managing a 1-1 draw with Iceland in the opening game.


The South American team must now rely on other results going their way if they want to proceed in this World Cup, and will be watching the game between Nigeria and Iceland very closely.