One of football's most hated men, Sergio Ramos, has struck once again. The Real Madrid center back loves to dip his toes in controversy, and his recent Instagram activity has caused yet another stir.

We all remember the debacle that went on after the Champions League final. 'Sergio Ramos intentionally dislocated Mohamed Salah's shoulder' was the jist of what a lot of people were saying. Frankly, it was a little bit stupid, and childish, but the defender received a lot of criticism in the aftermath of the situation.

Of course, he didn't care. The man had just lifted the Champions League trophy for the third time in a row - and the for the fourth time in his career. 

He wears his heart on his sleeve and would do anything for his club. Whether Salah's injury was accidental or not, there was no way Ramos was letting the most prolific forward in Europe through on goal that night.

But now, Ramos in his typical ways, has brought his controversy up once again, by liking a photo posted by a Mo Salah fan page on Instagram depicting a dejected and sad Liverpool star. 

The Egyptian attacker returned for his country only three weeks after his shoulder injury, but has failed to have much of an impact - Egypt have lost both of their World Cup games and are essentially out of the tournament.

Worth a double tap? Absolutely, according to Ramos.

The Spaniard is the walking embodiment of Marmite. You either absolutely love him and his ruthlessness, or you despise the man who can often be a liability for his team (discipline wise).


He doesn't care, he's Sergio Ramos.