Brazil came through a tough test and a controversial VAR call to eliminate Costa Rica from the World Cup and keep their fate in their own hands with a 2-0 win over Los Ticos in St Petersburg.

There was a lot for the folks on Twitter to get their teeth into during and after this game, with Neymar spending most of the match either on the floor or shouting at the referee before he scored Brazil's second goal after Philippe Coutinho had finally broken the deadlock.

The incident which had most people talking was the use of VAR. Bjorn Kuipers pointed decisively to the spot after Neymar had gone down under a slight shirt pull from Giancarlo Gonzalez, but upon consulting the technology he decided to reverse the decision.

This call was much to Neymar's chagrin, but the general reaction on Twitter was one of agreement with the referee.

While Twitter was roasting Neymar, it was also toasting his Brazilian teammate Coutinho, whose second goal of the tournament was nowhere near as good as his first but much more important.

For a second consecutive Brazil game, this was far from stellar samba football, but at this stage winning is all that matters and the general consensus was that Brazil merited the three points, though not everyone agreed.

The full picture of Group E will only become clear after the match between Serbia and Switzerland. A Serbia win would leave Brazil needing to beat them in their final match to top the group.