Swansea City have decided to mark Independence Day by launching their first official international supporters club in the United States.

The Swans enjoy a good following across the Atlantic with 13 unofficial supporters clubs spread out across multiple states. Those 13 organisations have now merged under the banner the Stateside Jacks, officially launching on July 4th.


Swansea have announced on their official site that the Stateside Jacks have the full backing of the Welsh outfit and have been declared the club’s first international supporters group.

The Swans hope this will be the first of several announcements as they plan to unite Swansea supporters all over the world, including those situated elsewhere in Britain. The Stateside Jacks have been given their own section on the Swansea club website which is intended to be the landing page for a new era of fan communication.

Stateside Jacks co-founders Marc Padro and Jonathan Notman have expressed their excitement at the fan club merger.

“Each [supporters club] brings their own unique identity to Swansea fandom, from New York City to San Diego. We see the Stateside Jacks as our unique opportunity to bring together a large group of national fans with the aim of creating a common bond for the club they support." They said.

Swansea’s head of international business development Patrick Collins has reiterated the excitement from the clubs standpoint.

“It’s great to see the emergence of so many supporter groups across the United States and we hope this relationship will provide a closer link to the club they feel so passionately about.” He added.

Swansea are hoping to secure a quick return to the Premier League after their seven-year stay was ended with a final day defeat to Stoke City, who were also relegated at the end of last season.