The nation is no longer in a feeling of hope, but almost in one of expectation. Following England's successful progression to the semi final at this summer's World Cup, thousands of England fans have started to chant the infamous tune of Baddiel, Skinner and the Lightning Seed's hit 'Three Lions: It's Coming Home'. 

With Gareth Southgate's men facing Croatia on Wednesday evening for a place in the final this coming Sunday, there is the strong belief that the Three Lions can go on and win the World Cup for the first time since 1966. 

Some England fans, however, have demonstrated their creative genius by unleashing some hilarious memes on various social media sites. Here are the best 'It's Coming Home' memes and videos the internet has to offer.

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6. E.T

It was always inevitable that someone in the wide sphere of the World Wide Web was going to find the correlation between 'E.T Phone Home' and 'Football's Coming Home' to create this hilarious alternative scene of this classic film.

The thought of even extra-terrestrial creatures being convinced that Southgate's men will lift the World Cup trophy in Russia is particularly amusing, as is the realistic accent of E.T put on by the creator of this meme. 

On top of this, the reaction of young Elliott to the news that football's coming home would be the exact feeling of lunacy that would greet us all if England do win the World Cup this weekend. Elite editing all round.

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5. Peaky Blinders

The Peaky Blinders were always going to be brought up in this situation. In fact, I'm surprised that the gangster group, or a different English gang, has not already been identified in Russia in an attempt to cause mayhem similar to that of Marseille in 2016.

Tommy Shelby's insistent repetition that football's coming home is the exact conversation you have with a fan of another nation who claims that the Three Lions have no chance at all. 

Furthermore, the brief cameo of the Colombia flag at the end of the meme reminds everyone of the dirty tactics the South Americans tried to carry out in the last 16 round, and how England did well do avoid such sleazy tricks.

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4. Ron Burgundy (Anchorman)

JOE love to contribute to the football meme industry on a regular basis, and they may have produced their meme yet by using an already hilarious scene from 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'.

What is particularly funny about this meme is the thought of an unfortunate and experienced flutist being dragged into into a sound booth to perform an out of tune rendition of the Lightning Seeds' legendary tune.

The editing is also what makes this video special, as well as the fact that Ron Burgundy is exactly the type of person who believes that football is indeed on its way home.

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3. Only Fools and Horses

It is often said that scenes from 'Only Fools and Horses' help create the perfect memes or GIFs, and it is no different with regards to England and the World Cup. 

We're not sure whether it's Del Boy's dancing, Southgate's cheeky smile, or the general fact that this scene was almost made for this meme which makes this short edited sequence so hilarious, but it certainly deserves a place in the top three.

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2. Friends

This was the meme that started the entire trend, and it has rightly earned its spot in the top two. The fact that Marcel the monkey is also under the illusion that 52 years of hurt are coming to an end shows how ingenious this meme is.

Meanwhile, the way in which Chandler, Ross and Joey's dancing fits perfectly in line with the song is another reason why this is many England fan's favourite meme of the lot.

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1. The Matrix

The best one, however, is simply pure genius, and it comes from the popular film trilogy 'The Matrix'. 

There's something incredibly satisfying about the thought of the Neo, the film's protagonist, waking up from unconsciousness having mentally revisited England's dominant first half performance over Panama. It's completely bonkers but very amusing.

Yet the best part of the short video is Morpheus' line "He's starting to believe", which resonates strongly with the fact that even the most pessimistic England fans are starting to get on board with the idea that the Three Lions have a real chance of World Cup glory this summer. 

While the England team still have a semi final and a final match separating them from World Cup glory, the internet, along with the entire nation, is clearly enjoying the ride so far.