Manchester City playmaker David Silva has opened up on the ordeal that left him needing to travel to and from Spain during last season.

The Spaniard and his partner are new parents and were unfortunate to have to endure a rather stressful time late last year and into this year, given that their son Mateo was born prematurely and had to spend five months in hospital. 


Back in January, Silva admitted Mateo was "fighting day by day", with the midfielder having spent most of City's busy Christmas period in Spain looking after the welfare of his newborn.

Thing have since improved, though, and the Spain international has revealed the bairn is now "singing and dancing" after being allowed to go home in May.

"It's been the hardest time of my life, and because it's my first son I've been suffering a lot," Silva said in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports.


"Thanks to him it's been an inspiration to continue fighting for what's happening in the future.

"The first two or three months it was a fear of the unknown, because the doctors said to us today is alright, tomorrow we don't know what is going to happen. So being the first baby, being so small, and so infant, the first few months was very, very bad.

"But now he is much, much better, he is all singing and dancing!"


The player, who also missed his side's Premier League title parade as a result of the aforementioned, previously claimed to be indebted to manager Pep Guardiola, who allowed him the time off without hesitation.

"It was just after the game with Swansea, I had a personal chat with him," Silva revealed. "I said I'm not having a good time, I'm worried about home. He said 'Listen, go and spend a few weeks with your family and do whatever you need to do. Please do it. I'm not going to put you in any problems. Look after your family second.'


"Most of the time I tried to forget, and I tried to enjoy playing football. But it's not very easy to get away from the problem. As soon as the game finishes I went straight to my mobile to see what has happened, to see if everything is OK. You cannot concentrate, you can't give 100% when you've got problems like that."