In a spectacular show of respect for recently retired Wolves goalkeeper Carl Ikeme, stoppers allover the world have come together to give their support to the Wolves hero - in quite possibly the longest ever rendition of his fan chant at Molineux.

Friday saw the bad news arrive. Ikeme officially retired from professional football at 32 years old, following a year long battle with acute leukaemia. While the entire footballing world is saddened by his decision, the important thing is his health, and now that he's now fully recovered from the cancer, he can go on to spend more time with his family as a result.

Social media on Friday afternoon was full of showings of support and respect for the man who has been at Wolves since he was 14, but Saturday saw it get thrown into overdrive.

Tweeted by the club's official Twitter account, a three minute video was posted, full of different goalkeepers, fans, players and coaches all shouting/singing "there's only one Carl Ikeme" into the camera.


The likes of David Seaman, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and Iker Casillas reached out to the former Wolves keeper - and the video was beautifully closed by club manager Nuno Espirito Santo.

If that wasn't enough, later on in the day, goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon even chipped in to give his love to Ikeme.

An incredible gesture from allover the world. Ikeme was without doubt a complete fan favourite at Molineux, his time there spanning way back to 2003. For many, it'll be strange not having him in the club, but you'll still be hearing his name sung around the ground every other week.