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August 25, 2018

Tottenham have faced another setback in their bid to move in to the new White Hart Lane after a water pipe burst on Friday, causing flooding and damage to electrical systems.

Details of the pipe burst and subsequent flooding comes after the club revealed that the opening of the new stadium would be delayed until at least October, due to critical safety issues. Spurs home games will be continue to be played at Wembley until the new stadium is ready, much to the annoyance of supporters.

In the latest incident as reported by the Daily Mail, hundreds of litres of water leaked out of a burst water pipe and flooded electrics for over 45 minutes. Construction workers spent plenty of time trying to deal with the issue, but were unable to stop the leak from causing significant damage.

"What a shower! It was a mains water pipe and one of the workers accidentally burst it while doing a job." a source is quoted as saying.

"But there were farcical scenes because they couldn't turn it off. Water poured across the new stadium for at least 45 minutes and everyone was soaked.

Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

"All the head bosses on the construction job came down to try and stop it. The damage will probably be extensive but they're just working out now exactly what damage it has caused.

"It was also flooding on to live electrical panels and wiring. At first we all stopped working and left the room.

"They're obviously putting the finishing touches to the stadium now and it's already behind so this won't help."

Despite this, a spokesperson for Spurs told the Sun that the incident had been blown well out of proportion. 

"We are not sure why you are paying this any attention — it was a minor incident and dealt with."

Spurs could very well be waiting even longer than expected to be moving in to their new home if incident like this continue. 

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