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Ian Wright believes Unai Emery, since taking over from Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, has instilled a strictness and steeliness that the Gunners lacked before this season. 

The changes Emery has made so far at Arsenal slightly resemble the revolution that came when Wenger became Arsenal manager in 1996. Wenger enforced a stricter diet for the squad to follow, but Wright, as quoted by the Daily Star, has claimed that Emery is taking it one step further. 


He said: "I think Wenger was one of the original revolutionaries but now Emery's adding more and more on to it. But everything has moved on from when Arsene Wenger started doing it in 1996.

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"Although nothing actually changes in terms of the foundations of it. The English lads complained so much back in the day because he banned tea and we only had water. There were no condiments anywhere and he was even telling us how many times we had to chew our food!"

Emery, since taking over, has banned players from drinking high sugar drinks after training and is closely monitoring players' body fat percentage in a bid to build toughness into an Arsenal side that lacked resilience under Wenger. 

Arsenal have so far this season still not shed their tendency to concede soft goals but Wright says he is confident Emery's ways will bring improvement, stating: "Emery's gone into Arsenal and he's realised that he needs to make drastic changes.


"Whether or not the players are going to be up for the change, we'll soon find out. We're finding out more about it on a weekly basis but I think he's going about it brilliantly. Hopefully he'll get the opportunity at some stage to buy the players he needs to implement exactly what he wants to do."