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For an extremely chaotic sounding stunt, the Las Vegas Lights FC's helicopter cash drop on Saturday went surprisingly smooth. 

The USL team announced the promotion back in August, and at the team’s game against the LA Galaxy II on Saturday, a helicopter dropped $5,000 from the sky. Two hundred preselected fans were on the field to pick up as much cash as they could. 

Video of the drop shows wind blowing bills from here to there and fans rushing around trying to pick up as much as possible.  

According to the Last Vegas Review-Journal, team owner Brett Lashbrook said $3,000 in $1 bills were dropped, with the remaining $2,000 coming in in $2, $5, $10, $20 and $100 bills. Lashbrook said the idea came from a similar stunt he saw in the past. 

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"People will talk about how crazy we are off the field, and we are proud of that,” Lashbrook said to the Review-Journal. "We wear it proudly on our sleeve. We have that swagger of Las Vegas, everything about that. But that’s all off the field. On the field, we take soccer very seriously, but we thought 'OK, what should we do to reward the fans?'"

The Review-Journal reported the Lights didn't have any serious injuries or mishaps, but the Lights did lose the match 2-1.