Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is reportedly livid with the club's higher ups once again, this time due to a lack of private security offered to himself and the players prior to their midweek defeat to Juventus. 

United lost 1-0 at Old Trafford thanks largely to a lethargic performance from Mourinho's side, who only arrived at the stadium 50 minutes before kickoff after being delayed due to traffic.

The Sun report that Mourinho was bemused with Old Trafford bosses, who were unable to provide the players with a private security escort, resulting in a heavily extended 70 minute journey to the match from their hotel, just half a mile away. 

The incident is the latest in a host of moments that Mourinho feels shows he is losing the support of the United board, and an unnamed source elaborated further, claiming that the players are beginning to echo his sentiments.


Juventus and a battalion of directors arrived before the United team and occupied the tunnel. It showed the power and organisation of a big club. The players must be relaxed and concentrated before a game. They don’t like to be closed in on a bus in the middle of traffic.

“Some players don’t hide any more how unhappy they are with the lack of support from the club. How can a club like United not organise security to escort the players? It would cost peanuts. The conclusion is that Ed Woodward does not understand football.”


United faced a similar issue prior to their draw with Valencia, and were fined £13,000 for delaying kick-off.