'Football Leaks' Revelations Concerning Man Utd & PSG to Be Published This Week - Sports Illustrated

Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco could be among the clubs caught up in an alleged new wave of potential leaks similar to the 'Football Leaks' eruption in 2016, shedding light on 'dubious practices' that are ongoing in the world of modern football.

French source Paris United claims to have learned that the 'European Investigative Collaborations' - the same organisation behind 'Football Leaks' - as well some press outlets have access to 'confidential information concerning some of the biggest clubs in Europe'.


The information apparently comes from 'internal documents' from the clubs themselves that were 'intercepted' by at least one hacker. And while the Paris United report admits the exact origin of the sources providing it remains 'unclear', it is adamant the documents are authentic.

Manchester United, PSG and Monaco are the only teams specifically named by Paris United and the information leak will apparently cover, among other things, the transfers of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, sponsors and minutes from general meetings.


It appears largely focused on PSG, but Paris United explains that Manchester United and Monaco will also somehow be affected by whatever comes out. A date given for the potential publication of the information is 2 November, later this week.

It is suggested that 'victims' of what Paris United describes as 'piracy' are already aware and could even take legal action. The conclusion is that this hack could force clubs to 'justify themselves to the European authorities'.