Pogba Reveals the Reason Behind His 26-Step Penalty Kick Run-Up

Paul Pogba managed to score on the rebound after Jordan Pickford saved his penalty kick.
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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has hinted he may look to change the way he takes penalties after seeing Jordan Pickford save his shot from the spot on Sunday.

Pogba spoke to Sky Sports after helping the Red Devils to a 2-1 win over Everton, admitting he was lucky to score from a rebound after his penalty was saved by the England No. 1.

The midfielder's run-up was a very strange one and has left him on the end of a lot of criticism, but he still managed to get his goal. He has since revealed however that he may have to change it, as goalkeepers may have figured him out.

"I always try to destabilize the goalkeeper. I always shoot like this and that's how I know how to take penalties," he told Sky after the game. "I may practice to change it because maybe the goalkeepers are starting to know my steps, but the most important thing is when the ball goes in."

The fact that Pogba was even speaking to the press seemed a little weird - especially considering the reports this week that he's been "gagged" from speaking in public.

The Frenchman had reportedly been ordered to keep quiet by the club, particularly when it comes to the subject of his strained relationship with Jose Mourinho, as well as the possibility of him exiting Old Trafford for the second time.

Pogba has left little doubt over his unhappiness at United in recent times. The World Cup winner is unimpressed with Mourinho's tactics and his role in the coach's set-up and is thought to be looking to leave the club, with Barcelona a potential destination.

Previous reports of him being hushed by the club were already in circulation but the player seemingly confirmed another gag after the 1-0 loss to Juventus in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

"I can't talk," he said to reporters, per the Mirror. "I am not allowed to talk. I want to, but they won't let me. They have told me not to talk."

The France international was banned from speaking to the media after the loss to Valencia earlier this month but had been allowed to speak to various outlets after that.

He was recently reported as having received another gagging order, but it is not clear as to whether this one comes from Mourinho or the club's board.

The friction between the player and his manager dates back to the end of last season, when Pogba was benched for important games. He has since admitted that there have been issues with the former Chelsea boss and things appear to be getting no better, with several incidents arising since the start of the campaign.

Given his interview on Sunday, though, it appears that there's no gag - or that there is one but he simply doesn't care. It could also be that he could continue speaking to the media as long as he doesn't discuss Mourinho or his future.