AC Milan striker Gonzalo Higuain has apologised for losing his temper and getting sent off during Sunday's 2-0 defeat at the hands of Serie A leaders Juventus, although he remained critical of referee for not 'understanding the emotions of the game'.

A frustrated Higuain, who had earlier missed a penalty that would have put Milan level at 1-1, was first booked for a foul on Medhi Benatia and was then giving his marching orders almost instantly after reacting angrily to the match official in a display of gross dissent.


Higuain's dismissal came just two minutes after Cristiano Ronaldo, the man whose arrival in Turin forced him out just two years after a €90m move, had doubled Juve's lead.

"I have to apologise to my teammates, the coach, the fans and the referee, who knows what I said to him. At the same time, referees should understand the emotions of the moment," Higuain told the media in Italy after the game, via Football Italia.

"I reacted that way, I should not have done it, so I apologise to my teammates, the coach and the fans. It was a yellow card, the decision was made, I apologise for the reaction and I take responsibility for it," he added.


"When you play against your old club, obviously it feels different. I take responsibility, I know it mustn't happen again, but at that moment we were losing and we are not robots. We are human beings, we have emotions."

Admitting that he 'got it wrong', Higuain continued, "I know it's not a good example to set for children, but we are not robots. I know my reaction was wrong, but the referees also have to realise the situation we are in and be a little more understanding.


"In my case, in particular, as the coach said, I do take things too much to heart and get too wound up. I know I have to control myself and learn to be calmer."