Even on international duty, kicking about in the tunnel with his mates, when there are no TV cameras around, Virgil van Dijk finds new ways to show us just how much of a tank he really is.

Preparing for a Nations League double header with France and Germany, it appears someone has hung a football about 15ft in the air, which of course is like a red rag to a particularly raging bull when Big Virg is in the vicinity.

The world's most expensive defender, as you would expect, seems to have taken it as a challenge, and runs at his dangling target with the intensity and Olympic poise of a gold medal pole vaulter.

The slow motion capture of the leap at the end (as posted by ex-Liverpool man Ryan Babel on Instagram) only adds to the majestic air of the feat. Look at the grace in his final strides, look at the form as he flies off the ground. In the moment, he's a NBA player going for a slam dunk more than he is a Premier League centre-back. 

His celebration isn't quite as cool, granted. He loses points for his lack of modesty. But look at his despairing Liverpool teammate Gini Wijnaldum as he tries to reach the Breda Behemoth's victim in the dying seconds. Even with an outstretched arm, a mortal man cannot touch the feats of Virgil van Dijk's neck and calf muscles.

With France next on the Netherlands' agenda, you can only feel for Olivier Giroud, or whichever mere forward has the arduous task of losing headers to the magnificent Dutch captain for 90 minutes or so. 

After that, it's Germany, and then another clean sheet in the Premier League, this time against Watford.