Former Barcelona President Joan Laporta has given a damning assessment of the club's current regime, and admitted he is likely to attempt to reclaim the position in the next election.

Laporta fronted the club from 2003 to 2010, and was defeated by current President Josep Maria Bartomeu in the 2015 presidential election. 

Speaking at a conference in a Beijing organised by the US Chamber of Commerce in China, as quoted by Marca, Laporta declared: "I'm planning to go back, although I have not decided yet, I'm still not sure but I'm thinking about how we would do a good project again."


Elaborating on his feelings regarding the current presidency, he admitted: "I do not like their attitude, they never face situations, they are not transparent and they need to improve this.

"In economic terms, the club has a huge debt that is very difficult to deal with related to the new stadium. The ratio between salaries and income is very high...They are leaving the club in bankruptcy and this is very dangerous."

He was also less than pleased with the La Liga side's player recruitment, citing some 'not necessary' and 'absurd investments'. 

But more than recruitment, the 56-year-old politician and lawyer also revealed his dismay at the state of Barça's feted academy, La Masia. He claimed it needed to be rebuilt in order to 'produce players that become stars', as well as proclaiming a necessity for 'coaches who are brave enough to put Messi on the field with 16 years (sic)'.


When probed on who he would seek out to take charge of the team should he be re-elected, and specifically on the possibility of a return to Pep Guardiola, Laporta revealed: "Pep will be in the team when he wants. I do not know what he thinks, but he has Barça in his heart, we'll see what happens."

Being a proud Catalonian involved in politics, he also had time to weigh in on the current situation between the region and Spain, boldly affirming: "If Spain does not let Catalonia have its selection to participate in the World Cup or the Olympics, Barça will represent the Catalan team."