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December 21, 2018

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has spoken out on the negative 'Spursy' reputation the club have picked up over the years, saying they would have more success if people weren't so quick to criticise their failures. 

Fairly or not, fans have been quick to criticise Tottenham's propensity for falling just short of glory when the pressure is on in recent years, as Mauricio Pochettino still seeks his first trophy as Tottenham manager. 


They took a step towards bringing that run to an end in a 2-0 Carabao Cup win at the Emirates during the week, advancing into the semi finals of the competition, but the Spurs boss had a lot to say about the club's negative reputation when asked if he felt things had improved since October, when he said it was his 'worst feeling' in charge of the club. 

“No, I still feel the same. Because I know it’s so easy to go back to the same feeling. Now because we are on a good, and playing well, but the moment we lose games it’s going to turn quick. I know that very well," he told Independent.  

"This is normal. My experience in football, because I try to understand everything, in this football club if some bad results arrive it’s going to turn again.

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"When I say ‘worst feeling’ I don’t speak about inside of the club. I talk about the perception outside. We are still fragile, not solid enough as a club to support some good and some bad because the perception of the people can affect the club."

He gave the signing of backup goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga as an example, saying the club feared criticism for his signing in 2017 - arguing that the Argentine stopper has actually been a success for the club of late.

“We sign Paulo one year ago from Southampton, and the perception was ‘oh, we cannot present the player because it looks like we don’t have ambition. 

"If we present the player from Southampton, ‘oh the club don't have ambition’. It’s so poor, no? It’s a shame, because, after one year and a half, Paulo keep a clean sheet in the derby against Arsenal for the first time in the Emirates, and he was fantastic yesterday."

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